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Unwritten Laws About Jewelry

To prevent seeming even taller, use necklaces and chains that are shorter and do not extend past your torso if you are tall.

If you are slim, stay away from big, bulky jewelry and choose instead for simple, medium-sized pieces that will complement your outfit better.

Bracelets may improve attractiveness when worn properly, adding an exquisite touch to any outfit.

Persons with a slight build will look well wearing thin, delicate bangles, whilst people with broader frames will look nice wearing heavier, stacked bracelets.

Put jewelry on the body parts you want people to notice. A elegant necklace will highlight your neck and highlight your collarbone, giving you a chic and fashionable appearance.

When selecting rings, let the form of your fingers guide your decision. People with long, lengthened fingers will look well with wide bands, and the opposite is true.

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