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2 Unstated Rules for Jewelry Wearing

Wearing loud fashion accessories is never a good idea. While wearing stacked and chunky bracelets might be distracting, especially in public settings.  When you're in a church service, a library, or a fine dining establishment, it might be impolite to wear accessorize in this way.


Designer and fashion legend Coco Chanel provided some wise jewelry-wearing guidance. “When putting on accessories, take off the last thing you’ve put on.” It means that editing your look is essential for looking both modest and elegant."

Don't allow jewelry alter the way you look or get in the way of your activities. Instead, let them compliment your clothing and bring forth your innate attractiveness. Wear a statement piece and base the rest of your accessories around it if you're unsure what to wear. For instance, never wear both a hefty necklace and dangling bracelets. Too much jewelry might detract from your appearance and destroy it entirely.


For certain outfits, wearing many layers of jewelry is appropriate. One instance of this is when you want to project a bohemian feel. However, it's advisable to choose simple pieces if you want to seem exquisite for a crucial business meeting.

Consider your face characteristics in addition to your mood. If you wear pearl earrings or big hoops, you may easily draw attention to your elegant hairstyle. It's better to use tiny, unobtrusive studs if you intend to wear your thick, long hair down.

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